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Pathways to obesity and main roads to recovery

“Pathways to obesity and main roads to recovery”


P- Vinai (editor)

“Pathways to obesity and main roads to recovery”

Nova Science Publisher; New York (2011)

The common aspect of obese patients can hide different causes of weight gain. Frequently psychopathological differences among obese patients, needing different therapeutic approaches, are hidden by their common aspect. Aim of the book is to put in evidence the role that different factors (such as BED, NES, social influences, childhood overweight, psychiatric co morbidities…) play in onset and maintenance of obesity and how to deal with these different “obesities”.  

Frequentemente le differenze psicopatologiche tra i pazienti obesi, che necessitano di diversi approcci terapeutici, sono nascoste dall’aspetto del loro corpo, apparentemente simile. Scopo del libro è quello di mettere in evidenza il ruolo che diversi fattori (come il Binge Eating Disorder, la Night Eating Syndrome, le influenze sociali, l’obesità infantile, le patologie psichiatriche …) giocano nell’insorgenza e nel mantenimento dell’ obesità e come personalizzare il trattamento di questi “differenti” obesi.



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